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Role Descriptions

Management Committee

The New Zealand Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming is a non-profit Incorporated Society run for its members by an annually elected committee.

The Committee comprises the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and up to six Committee members. All members of the Committee must be members of the Association. Tenure as President is limited to two consecutive years. The Committee meets monthly by Skype.

Mel Abbott Photo

Mel Abbott

I am passionate about NLP because it gave me my life back after 11 years of chronic illness! I now love using NLP to help other people recover. I chose to be on the NZANLP committee because I wanted to find ways to grow the community - I really wanted to oversee the development of a new website, network more with other similar organisations, and provide more online interest groups to keep our members engaged and supported.

If your question doesn't link directly to one the other committee member's specific areas below, then it might be me that you want to contact me: president@nzanlp.org.nz

David Gill Photo

David Gill

David Gill runs an NLP Life Coaching practice in Whangarei, Northland. He specialises in coaching people who want to unleash their creativity and live a life that feels more authentic to their own values and dreams rather than conforming to the expectations of others.

He completed his first NLP training in 1996 before going on to train as an actor, singer and teacher of English Literature and the Performing Arts. After a number of years teaching in language schools and high schools, David decided to pursue his passion for NLP simply because he loves talking about the meaning of life for hours on end and helping people to uncover their real dreams and passions.

His main role on the NZANLP committee is to collate the newsletter. His other main role is to simply be a fountain of ideas and to dream dreams.


Georgina Vertongen

Georgina completed her NLP Practitioner training in 2018, and joined the NZANLP committee as a way to contribute to the ongoing success of the NLP Association. Georgina works in IT Solutions for Enterprise and uses NLP and NLP Communication techniques to support corporate project practices and bridging relationships between Corporate Business and ICT solution providers.

In her spare time Georgina is a busy mum and wife.

Tony Yuile Photo

Tony Yuile

Tony practices as a fulltime life coach in Wellington. He specialises in helping people master stress, overcome anxiety and lift depression. He is a Master Practitioner and a clinical hypnotherapist.

Prior to becoming a coach Tony enjoyed a long and successful accounting career in the private and public sectors. Tony brings his accounting knowledge and experience to the role of Treasurer. He is looking forward to contributing to the ongoing success of the Association.

In his spare time Tony likes to write fiction and strum away on his ukulele.


Events Coordinator

Franciska Neuhauser

Franciska Neuhauser
Social Media Coordinator

Franciska completed her NLP Master Practitioner training in 2019 and has been in private practice since 2017 – initially as a Counsellor and now a Mind-Body Wellness coach. She works with both individuals and couples, with a special interest in phobia and trauma recovery.

Prior to retraining as a therapist, Franciska came from a background in Finance, Human Resources Management, Web Design, and Copywriting; and brings years of experience working with social media (from even before the advent of Facebook!) to her role as Social Media Coordinator.

Franciska’s ‘why’ is to heal the world, one soul at a time and believes that by fostering a supportive, connected, and empowering NLP community, we can make the world a better place.


The Association contracts a part-time admnistrator.

Member Participation

Members are encouraged to actively contribute and share ideas and information relating to all aspects of NLP and the role of the Association.

All members are eligible to attend AGMs and nominate members for committee. Voting privileges depend upon the membership category held.