About Registration Board

Registration Board Role

The Registration Board supports the Management Committee with respect to the approval and maintenance of Professional Membership:

  • make recommendations to the Committee regarding Professional Membership applications
  • oversee the assessment of Professional Membership applications
  • support members progressing from Member category to Professional Membership
  • maintain a register of Approved Supervisors

Registration Board Members

The Board members are volunteers appointed by the Management Committee. Currently comprising the Chairperson and three members, all are experienced Master Practitioners or above who perform their roles with the full confidence of the Committee.

Please direct all Registration Board enquiries to our Administrator.

Robyn Laurie Photo

Robyn Laurie

Robyn Laurie is a Master Practitioner and Trainer, a Coach in NLP and mBIT, and a previous Management Committee Member for the Association.

Based in Wellington, Robyn is also a mentor for the New Zealand Institute of Management.

Patricia Greenhough Photo

Patricia Greenhough
Board Member

Patricia Greenhough is an NZRN, NLP Master Trainer, HNLP Master Coach, mBIT Coach and FeldenkraisĀ® Teacher.

She first started attending workshops in NLP in 1986, did her Practitioner and Master Practitioner training in 1994, Trainers Training in 2001 and completed her Master Trainer certification in NLP 2014.

Patricia Lives and works from the ten acres she and her husband Richard own in Pigeon Valley, Wakefield, near Nelson, where they offer NLP Trainings and healing retreats.

Alison Gallate Photo

Alison Gallate
Board Member

Alison trained with Transformations from Practitioner to the NLP Trainer level in 2000. She has also trained with John Overdurf in HNLP.

Believing in continually growing and developing, she has completed a 4 year Diploma in Healing Energies in 2010, based on the work of Barbara Anne Brennan, incorporating ancient Maori teachings, and holds diplomas in Te Ara Taki Manu Korero & Counselling.

Alison has been coaching and developing people for over two decades and currently works in private practice coaching a range of people from corporates, to contracted earthquake counselling. She has a background in change management and interpersonal communication.

Alison is based in Christchurch and embraces working with people from many walks of life. She is passionate about leading edge sciences at the forefront of human development, and ancient wisdom - both of which we can learn from and utilize to change lives.